About Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair

Meet the founder of the most affordable and trusted waterproofing and foundation repair company in Pittsburgh.

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Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair was started by Kevin Adams to offer the people of Pittsburgh an affordable option for water damage prevention and repair. Adams is significantly more versed in this field than most with over 10 years of experience and a degree in structural engineering. He prides himself on being professional, punctual and caring for all of his customers. We don’t upsell here at Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair, we only identify what is needed and don’t base any of our services solely on making a sale. Adams wants to help our community and hopefully save you some money in the process. Hiring Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair for your next project is guaranteed to be a deal stronger than steel.

We know that hiring a waterproofing company for your yard drainage and foundation repair needs can be a bit intimidating. That's why our team here at Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair in Pittsburgh is here to walk you through our straightforward process. We offer a variety of services including interior and exterior french drains, surface and yard drains, foundation rebuilds and repairs to waterproof your house and create a stronger house to last you a lifetime.

We mainly focus on older homes due to most of them not being built on the best foundation and waterproofing technology not being prevalent at the time. We want historic buildings to stay around, so we are here to protect them from water damage with our expert draining systems. The drainage systems that we install are easy to maintain and fully custom so you can breathe easy knowing that your house is protected from any element. Call us today to set up your free inspection.