Exterior French Drains in Pittsburgh

French Drain Systems designed to offer optimal foundation waterproofing.

We want you to have a french drainage system that is installed once and installed right. Our exterior french drains are perfect for anyone looking to link other yard catch basins together or someone looking to renovate their front or backyard landscaping.

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Our Exterior French Drain Service

Are you looking to increase your house’s value while also making your yard functional and beautiful? Give us a call to set up your free inspection to see if an exterior french drain is a right solution for you.

Why choose Our Exterior French Drains

When you choose Steel City Waterstoppers and Repair as your go-to waterproofing company for your next project, you can expect to get a tasteful finished product that will not only function for years but will also make your yard more appealing. We take pride in both the quality of our craftsmanship and our attention to detail when it comes to the presentation of our product. We don’t want to only make functional products, we also want them to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

The process we use to install an exterior french drain is fairly simple and a great option for anyone looking to add an addition to their home, renovate their landscaping, or even just an anti-flooding option that does not involve any destruction of your basement. We install the drain around the entire perimeter of your home and connect any yard drains or gutter drains you want to the mainline to keep all of mother nature’s elements away from your house. If you would like to have us be a part of your next landscaping project or have an excellent waterproofing solution installed in your yard, call us for a free inspection today.

Exterior French Drains

Keeping groundwater away from your property not only increases its value but keeps your house from becoming a hazard that puts your family at risk. Not to mention that something as simple as groundwater can end up costing you thousands of dollars if it gets to your foundation. The simple solution is to have a quality french drain system installed by a professional waterproofing company like Steel City Waterstoppers and Foundation Repair in Pittsburgh. Contact us today to set up a free estimation and get your home protected.

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Financing Options

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Installation Process

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Perfect for Landscaping Projects

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Pair with Surface Drains

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Financing Options

Exterior french drains can get expensive. Don’t let this become a source of stress. We offer financing options to make all of our french drain systems attainable to everyone. We don’t want you to put yourself at risk because of a paywall, so contact us today so we can explain how we make our french drains affordable for you.

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Installation Process

The installation process for an exterior french drain is a little more labor intensive compared to an interior drain due to the amount of ground that is excavated. Our exterior french drains cover the entire perimeter of your home compared to just the basement, so this requires more materials to be used.

However, one benefit of having an exterior french drain is that there is no need for a sump pump or tank to be installed. This means that you spend less time maintaining a sump pump and spend more time on what matters most in your life. This also means that you won’t have to worry about the slight noise that can come from a sump tank.

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Perfect for Landscaping Projects

If you are looking to take on a large landscaping project for your backyard, why not include a french drain along with that process since the ground is already being broken? Add some practicality to your next landscaping project by having us install an exterior french drain for you.

This also applies to anyone wanting to add an addition to their house. There is ground that is going to be broken adding this addition so it only makes sense to protect that addition with a proper drainage system.

If you are wanting to replace parts of your lawn with rocks, gravel, or mulch an exterior french drain is a great addition because it will be perfectly concealed so no one will even know it’s there.

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Pair with Surface Drains

If you have water collecting around your house, chances are you may have patches of your lawn where water collects as well. If you are having an exterior french drain system installed, pair it with our surface drainage systems as well so everything works together in harmony.

We can even install drains under your gutters so you don’t have to have long gutter drains extending from your house. They can be integrated into the ground and out of sight. You can also integrate a garage trench drain system with our exterior french drain systems so you can work on your vehicles with ease.

Don’t start your next landscaping project without consulting with Steel City Waterstoppers and Foundation Repair to assess the state of your foundation. If you live in an older home without a french drainage system, chances are that you may have some minor water damage. Getting this fixed while your yard is getting dug up could make your project more efficient can could potentially save you some money getting everything done at once. Contact us to set up a free estimation and have us protect your home today.

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