How Can Water Damage My Foundation?

As a homeowner, one of the critical aspects of maintaining your home's integrity lies within your foundation. Water, often regarded as a silent destroyer, can drastically affect the stability of your house's foundation. In the Pittsburgh area, this is a particularly common problem. At Steel City Waterstoppers & Foundation Repair, we're here to educate you about the dangers of basement water damage and how our services can prevent and repair foundation damage. Read on to learn more!

Infographic - How Can Water Damage My Foundation
Exterior water damage

The Impact of Water on Your Foundation

Water can find its way into your home through cracks and faults in your foundation. Continued exposure to moisture can cause foundation walls to bow, crack, or buckle, leading to severe structural issues. It can also escalate issues of mold and mildew, which can lead to health problems for your household.

French drain

French Drains: Your Solution to Water Invasion

To prevent water from wreaking havoc on your foundation, consider the implementation of a French drain. Invented in the late 19th century by Henry French, this drain is a trench containing a perforated pipe and gravel cover. The collected water will effectively move away from your house into the gravel. As your local waterproofing company can explain, French drains line the outer perimeter of the foundation or under the basement floor to collect and channel water away from the structure.

Through professional French drain installation, homeowners can avoid severe foundation damage and expensive repairs in the future.

Foundation repairs

Our Approach to Waterproofing and Repair Services

At Steel City, our professionals provide top-notch waterproofing and repair services tailored to meet your specific needs. We use durable materials and efficient techniques, offering peace of mind. Our services range from French drain installation and basement water damage repair to comprehensive foundation repairs.

Ignoring water-related issues can lead to irreversible damage to your home's foundation. Stay proactive in safeguarding your home by partnering with Steel City Waterstoppers & Foundation Repair for all your waterproofing and repair needs. Contact us today—let's keep your home safe and dry.

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